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Travelling by train is one of the biggest dream of adventurous tourists. Myanmar Railway (MAMA) has been trying the best to fulfill this dream. Since Bagan is the most attractive tour for foreigners, sleepercoach train to Bagan becomes popular among tourists and now among locals. Here are some tips how to prepare and buy sleepercoach tickets.

How to buy train tickets


We recommend to contact local tour companies if you are in a rush and have no time to arrange your train tickets in time, especially if you are going during public holidays since it takes time to prepare documentation to get the exact date you want to travel. If you have time, you can buy ticket three days ahead of your travel. To buy tickets, go to the railway station “BuTarGyi” in front of Thwin Cinema. The left entrance is for normal train tickets and the right entrance is for upper class and the sleepercoach.

Tickets are sold from 7AM to 4PM and you have to show your passports or NRCs if you are local. Train tickets bought cannot be exchanged or refund like flight tickets. Sometimes the ticket clerk checks the names on your tickets with passports or NRCs, so if you buy tickets for others, bring their passports or NRCs. On holidays, there is always a long queue and even though the maximum number of tickets each person can buy is limited, sleepercoach tickets are always sold out fast since the train has only 4 coaches of upper class _one coach for four people only. Ticket price for sleepercoach is 16,500 kyats for locals.



Yangon-Bagan TRAIN No. 61


Mostly Yangon-Bagan Train No.61 leaves at 4PM from Yangon Railway Station, you need to get there ahead of time because Yangon-Bagan train leaves exactly on time unlike other trains and nobody waits for the late. The train has four sleepercoaches A,B,C, and D and each coach carries four people, two on below seats and two above sleeper shelves. The sleepercoach has a small yet clean toilet, a fan, a cupboard, two big slide windows, comfortable seats and shelves to enjoy the view.

After you have placed your luggages, ticket clerk will come check your tickets. You can ask him his number for emergency case. Then another train staff will come ask whether you want to order food for dinner and breakfast. Food tastes good and price is reasonable, Bagan train coffee is a must you should try.

Enjoying the view beside the train as it passes through paddy fields, houses, towns and bridges and talking with friends over the loud engine might give you a great time. You can play guitar or listen to music, read a book or play some games with other friends while enjoying the fresh wind that has passed through the green fields. If you get tired, climb up a small ladder at the back of the seat to the upper sleeper shelves. The below seats can be joined as a bed and sound sleep the night under starry sky inside a sleepercoach.

Why sleepercoach Train?


Pros and cons
of travelling by train

  • You have Privacy

You may not need to ask the driver to stop for toilet or get annoyed by noisy kids since you are in your private coach. If you buy all four tickets for the whole coach you can do whatever you want inside the coach. If you are travelling with your friends, it is more than the best because you are travelling with your personal coach without needing to drive yourself.

  • Food on call

You can order food from the train and they will quickly deliver your food when the train stops at some stations. Price is reasonable and taste is great. Start your morning with a hot coffee while enjoying the green view from the train window will remake the new you.

  • Views, views and again VIEWS

“Travelling by car wastes time but train doesn’t” my friend once said. If you travel by car, all you see is road and lampposts. But if you travel by train, the views change like scenes change one from another in a film which will make you forget your meals. The fresh wind and starry sky add on for perfection.

  • Engine Noise and Strong Wind

The loud engine noise will annoy you at first, especially when you are in Coach A, but you will get used to it while enjoying the views. Sometimes petrol smell or cooking smell will come into the coach but the strong wind will flash those away. If you have long hair, tie them not to get messed by that strong wind. Train also is shaking and bouncing in some areas so you need to stand and walk to toilet with care.

If you have time, try to travel by sleepercoach since the pros suppress the cons.







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